Clive Irvine School of Community Nursing

  • Total Student Enrollment – 155
  • Graduates last year- 60

Target Areas for Sustainable Impact

  • Enable students to acquire full time employment
  • Impact community by increasing the number of qualified medical works
  • Impact mission hospitals by increasing number of qualified staff available.

Clive Irvine School of Community Nursing was established in 1951 as Chogoria College of Nursing as a department of PCEA Chogoria Hospital. It wasn’t until 1989 that it got its official name of Clive Irvine School of Community Nursing, in honor of Dr. Clive Irvine, the missionary founder of Chogoria Hospital. They started with the diploma program training now called Kenya Registered Community Healthy Nurse (KRCHN). 

The aim of the college is:

“To prepare and produce safe and competent professional nurses who are morally upright and spiritually sound, through provision and promotion of high quality nursing education, training and spiritual/social guidance and counseling.”

Today the College offers diploma courses in Kenya Registered Community Health

Nursing (KRCHN) in three programs:

  • Regular which takes 31⁄2 years – and is limited to 30 students per year
  • In-Service (upgrade from enrolled nurse) – 11⁄2 years
  • Distance Education In-Service which now takes 2 years

There are around 130 resident nursing students each year, with the distance education class coming in periodically for tutorials. New enrollment classes start in March and September every year. In September 2013 alone, 35 students were enrolled. Students are required to maintain a C average or higher in their subjects, included English, biology, physics, chemistry and mathematics in order to complete their classroom portion of their schooling. Students also go through internal and external clinical experiences at Chogoria Hospital (internal) for their clinical experiences; Meru Level 5 Hospital (external) for psychiatric experience; and Muthambi Health Center for rural health experience.

The nursing school continues to expand and improve by completing a hostel to house more students and create more classrooms and offices for students and staff. They also will be able to continually support and provide for students that may need assistance with tuition.