This month is all about the awareness of what sustainable medical mission really is. The world is hurting. The healing starts with you. Because you made the decision to share your heart for medical missions with us, together we are securing the future of families who might otherwise be forgotten by society. What you do is so important. 

We want to help your church better understand what it is that we do together, so we have created some free downloadable resources for you to use for a Sunday service. Help us bring hope through patient care in the name of Jesus to people in the direst of circumstances. 

We created bulletin inserts, slides and more. It is all free! Click here to download.

Minouche lives in Haiti and was pregnant with her third child at thirty years old. Having lived her whole life being brought up with traditional childbirth practices involving community midwifery, both her first and second child were born at home. Thankfully there were no complications with either birth because it could have been a very different story. 

Haiti is known as the most dangerous place to give birth in the Western Hemisphere because of the high maternal and infant mortality rates (52 /1000 live births). Our mission hospital (Hôpital Ste. Croix ) and clinic (Darbonne Maternal and Child Health Clinic) are working hard to give the needed pre- and post-natal care that will increase the chances of a healthy mother and baby at birth.

Word of the clinic reached Minouche after finding out she was pregnant. She decided to go there knowing the health of her baby depended on her own. When it was time for the baby to be born, because of the distance, she rode on the back of a motorcycle to get to the clinic. She was so grateful for the care she received and thankful for her beautiful newborn. Because of you, Minouche and her entire family get a chance to live healthy lives. You secured a better future for this family. 

A very successful conference in kenya!

The Center for Global Nursing Development has done an amazing job with the '2nd Annual Building Capacity for Nursing and Midwifery Leadership Conference', and we want to share some of the highlights! 

Giving someone an opportunity to improve their lives through nursing is a fantastic gift to both the student and their community. Because of you, there are graduates from nursing schools taking the medical world by storm, researching the diseases that plague their communities, working towards advanced degrees and bringing quality patient care to the next level collaboratively through the Center. We are raising up a new generation of nursing leaders. 

The first Wednesday each month at 12:30 CDT, we will be conferencing in for the purpose of praying for our partners, our leaders and the church. The conference call number to join is (605)-468-8036 and the access code is 150935

There will be testimony given and the ability to share requests. We are expecting big things to come from these prayers because we serve an amazing Father who loves us all. We invite you to join us, and we also would love to pray for you. Because of you, we heal lives together. We make a real difference! What you do is so important. 

If there is a prayer request you would like to submit, please fill out the form below. We will be praying for you weekly as a team. We would love to hear your thoughts. Email us here for any comments or suggestions. 

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