Free Resources for your

church's Christmas Market

Use at your discretion and to your needs. These are available by download. 

  • Alternative Giving Brochure

    This is our new brochure that highlights gift impact where most needed. It is a PDF file but there is also an InDesign file that can be sent by request. Email 

  • Giving Brochure Insert

    This goes along with the brochure and makes it very easy to personalize any gift given. 

  • Gift List

    Very similar to the brochure but smaller in file size, this list contains ideas towards giving where most needed. 

  • table poster

    Can be printed up to a 20"x30" - or you can make it smaller and use it as a handout. This poster will be helpful to communicate what we do as well as the four areas that we focus on in developing countries. 

  • MBF coloring Page

    Engage your entire community, even the little guys, with the importance of sustainable medical missions. 

  • Christmas Card

    For anyone who wants to give a gift in honor of a loved one, they are welcome to use these cards. An InDesign file is available on request for printing purposes. Email