Redefining medical mission

The Medical Benevolence Foundation (MBF) is a Christ-centered organization dedicated to healing lives and securing futures by building sustainable medical ministries in developing countries, such as Haiti, Malawi, DR Congo, and Kenya. Redefining medical mission through long-term partnerships, MBF equips local churches with tools and resources that allow them to meet the healthcare needs of their community and share the love of God. Our vision translates into a medical mission that serves in the areas of greatest needs and lowest resources.




October 2018

Malawi and Saline Training

A Not-to-miss event

Good news for MBF Haiti Partner FSIL

The Gospel is making a

difference in Malawi

Who would believe that in this picture we have representatives from Chogoria Kenya, Ekwendeni Malawi, Hungary, U.S. and Egypt? This team came together in order to facilitate the very first Saline Training in Malawi for our partner hospitals from Ekwendeni, Embangweni, David Gordon, Daeyang Luke and Nkhoma. 

What is Saline Training, and how does it make a difference in sustainable health care?

Saline Training was developed for the Christian health worker as an evangelistic tool. The thought behind it is that doctors are able to heal through medicines and procedures, and God heals the heart and mind. By connecting the two in a holistic fashion patient care then covers mind, body and spirit which in a sense, defines best practices.

MBF was introduced to the Saline Process when Jack Mathui, MBF Regional Manager of Africa was chosen to be Trainer, or one who is able to teach the  training. Through an intense time of Gospel infused health care practice, practical tools are shared to demonstrate the love and reality of Jesus, all with permission, sensitivity and respect towards those served. Within the training there are questions revolving around the importance of faith inside healthcare, opportunities or barriers to fulfilling God’s call, and roles and identity. The hope is that once trained in the process, the health care worker will take this resource to their hospital or clinic and through modeling and sharing, the staff will adopt the same outlook. Jack continues to work with this process and through follow up and mentoring, he is able to bring MBF partners through the training in a collaborative manner.

MBF has hosted trainings in Kenya and Malawi and will be looking to introduce this resource to more partners in the future. Your partnership is transforming mission hospitals and clinics in the developing world, by equipping them to share the Gospel through patient care.

Please pray that each of the hospitals might get excited about sharing the Gospel as part of their providing medical care and desire to implement training for their staff. Pray that as God opens their hearts and minds, they are able to see clearly the transformative power within their reach. 

Making Missions work

In his book Toxic Charity, Dr. Lupton proposes that the models we have participated with in church and charity programming have actually done more harm than good. The good news is that through Dr. Lupton’s research and experience, we can now take steps to be sure our giving is making a positive long-term impact. Do not miss this eye-opening event. 

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GReat News FOr FSIL

Andy Mayo (CEO) and Adam Gully (Marketing Manager, Mary K Center for Global Nursing Development) recently ventured down to Léogâne, Haiti to visit partner hospital, Hôpital St. Croix (HSC) as well as Faculty of Nursing Science of the Episcopal University of Haiti (FSIL Nursing School) . During their time there they were told by FSIL’s Dean, Hilda Alcindor, that one of their recent graduates of the BSN program (and MBF scholarship recipient) was selected  by the US Embassy to receive a Fulbright Scholarship to attend Harvard University.

She was chosen out of a pool of applicants that included 10 noted physicians, and will be working towards a Master of Medical Sciences in Global Health Delivery. We could not be more proud of this student, and cannot thank you enough for your partnership. This is what equipping the next generation looks like. Any investment you make in nursing schools and scholarships is multiplied through the empowerment of those that go on to serve their communities.