Because of you, the gospel is shared.

MBF is facilitating Saline Trainings for our mission hospitals and clinics so that every health worker can treat patients with quality care while speaking to them about the hope of Jesus. The success of these intensives so far, and the ones planned for the future,  continues to change the face of evangelism in the workplace, and brings about a sense of  expectancy and an understanding that every person is loved by the creator of the universe. 

There has been a deep work done in the attendees of these trainings, so much so that three staff-members at Ekwendeni Mission Hospital chose to make Jesus their Lord and Savior! If this can change the heart of the health workers in attendance, think of what it can do for our mission hospitals that want to heal and bring wholeness to the sick and the dying. Imagine being treated with quality care immersed in the love of Jesus. That is taking health care to the next level! 

Because of you, people hear the name of Jesus. You help heal lives. 


It's a boy! 

God blessed Martha, a vibrant 20 year old from Mpopi, with a beautiful baby boy in Malawi, and you blessed her with the ability to take care of her new family without having to worry about how the bill from David Gordon Memorial Hospital would be paid for. Her story is not an unfamiliar one. She suffered through miscarriage after miscarriage, the depression eating away at her. But she kept going. Even her husband began to wonder what the underlying issues were that were causing his chances of fatherhood to wane. 

The third time she fell pregnant, she became immediately doubtful and waited in anguish to again face another loss. The earlier weeks went by with no complications, but pains came at 20 weeks causing her to rush to the hospital. She was discharged only to have further pains and return to the hospital. After her third trip, she was admitted and began receiving steroids at 28 weeks to prepare for the preterm delivery. Time passed quickly as she approached her due date, and then even longer til she delivered her beautiful baby boy. 

Because of you, Martha was in an MBF hospital where she received quality care at each visit. She was given hope as she waited for her baby, and now has a new family. With the pre- and post-natal care they received, this baby boy has a great chance at living a healthy life way past the age of five years old. 

First Lady of Kenya Expected Keynote

We are excited to announce that the 2nd annual “Building Capacity for Nursing and Midwifery Leadership in Africa” Conference will be held June 13-14, 2019 at St. Paul’s University in Limuru, Kenya. The Medical Benevolence Foundation and the Mary K Center for Global Nursing Development is sponsoring the conference, along with local Kenyan organizations, to help transform healthcare delivery through nursing leadership.

The First Lady of Kenya, Her Excellence, the Honorable Margaret Kenyatta, will be the chief guest and keynote speaker. Other speakers include healthcare experts and practitioners from Africa and the U.S., Including Dr. Mary Nandili, Director of Nursing Services, Kenya Ministry of Health.

The purpose is to create better health outcomes for Kenya and other African regions by empowering nurses and midwives with leading-edge healthcare skills and leadership principles.

“To achieve great change, we are working together to change the current conventional wisdom, change the current approach on nursing. This conference is an important step in that direction.”  Andy Mayo, MBF CEO

To read more about the conference, click here to go to the Mary K Center for Global Nursing Development. 

July is medical missions month

MBF believes that the church is to be the light in a dark and chaotic world. Working together we are healing lives through the Gospel, and quality patient care. We want to help you bring awareness to the mission of sustainable health care for your church and community. 

Mark it on your calendar: July 14, 2019, and check your inbox for news of downloadable church resources we will supply so that sharing the mission is easy and engaging.

MBF Vice President of Partner Engagement, Patrick Coughlin did a great job starting us out well, and MBF Director of Partner Engagement, Western U.S., Mark Harris followed his lead. 
For a recap, click here.

The first Wednesday each month at 12:30 CDT, we will be conferencing in for the purpose of praying for our partners, our leaders and the church. The conference call number to join is (605)-468-8036 and(the access code is 150935

There will be testimony given and the ability to share requests. We are expecting big things to come from these prayers because we serve an amazing Father who loves us all. 

If there is a prayer request you would like to submit, please fill out the form. We will be praying for you weekly as a team. We would love to hear your thoughts. Email us at for any comments or suggestions. 

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