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March 2019

M3 A Success with MBF

What kind of commotion can over 100 nonprofits coming together cause the city of Houston? The question was answered with this year's M3 Conference at Lakewood - the largest church in the city. The buzz around the church was contagious and spilled over into the Doubletree Hotel where the pre-conference meetings were held Friday.   

Lisa Cole, MA, RN, Director of the Mary K Center for Global Nursing Development, led the workshop—Practical Nursing Missions Opportunities: What Can I Expect to Encounter and How Can I Best Serve? —  and facilitated the conversations representing the nursing field in three countries: Honduras, Kenya and Haiti. Our special guests shown in the slideshow, Alisa Geers ARNP, Medical Missionary, Christian Health Service Corps, Honduras, Mary Ishepe Nandili, PhD, MPH, BSc, RN Director of Nursing Services, Ministry of Health Kenya, and Danta Bien-Aime, BSN, RN Fulbright Scholarship Recipient Harvard Medical School did a fantastic job of giving an inside perspective of the joys and challenges that come with the nursing field. A common thread of equipping, a desire for resourcing and need for policies came through each presentation and illustrated the importance of the connections that were being created in that very room.

Saturday morning, MBF CEO Andy Mayo led the largest attended breakout session —What Will Be the Greatest Needs in International Medical Ministry over the Next 10 Years and the Opportunities for Your Greatest Impact?—to a standing-room-only crowd. People chose to sit on the floor and when that was no longer available, they were found leaning in from the hallway, straining to hear the very important words about sustainability and what that actually means in today's world. 

What came from that was affirmation. We know that God is always working and MBF continues to discern the walk of sustainable medical missions, and what he wants to do next. It is an exciting time and we want you to join us. Any help you give will benefit the lives of our international partners and the communities they serve tirelessly daily. 

A New SOng for HSC

We know the small country has been virtually shut down because of political unrest and rioting. Streets have been barricaded and shops closed. Children are not going to school, but instead they stay home with their care-takers while they watch the violence uncomfortably close to home. 

Our partner Hôpital Ste. Croix (HSC) has not been able to get back to normal just yet, due to the masses of wounded needing varying degrees of medical care. And while we do not understand the motivation behind what seems like a senseless act, we know that God is still God. We were reminded very clearly of that, when a personal friend of CEO Andy Mayo, Jeremy Good, shared a song that he just wrote. 

The lyrics tell it all. 

Even in the darkness, You shine

Even when the day has turned to night

Even when we cannot see Your light

You reign.

Living in a land that’s not our own

Everything within us longs for home

Deep within our hearts the certain hope

You reign.

The song came at just the right time and completely flipped our thinking. Are we hopeless or are we right where God has placed us?

So rather than a “Why do we try” mentality, we began to realize that these are the exact opportunities for us to equip our partner Hôpital St. Croix (HSC) to demonstrate and create hope in the community. How do we help make Hôpital St. Croix in Léogâne the beaming light a Christian organization should be? Isn’t a Christian hospital perfectly positioned to show the community how a Christ follower responds? Shouldn’t Christians be the ones that aren’t discouraged but instead have great hope?

Jeremy has given the song to MBF that we might provide it to you free. You may download it by clicking here. We pray that it encourages you and provides you the same hope it did for us.

If you are able, we ask that you consider pitching in and helping provide hope to our partners at HSC. 

To help rebuild, we have committed to raise:

• $8,300 to restock the pharmacy,

• $5,200 to resupply the diesel generator and

• $17,200 to pay the salaries of those who continued to work even when everyone else sought the safety of their homes.

Any size gift will make a direct impact in helping HSC continue to be the leader in the Léogâne community that God has called it to be. You can give online by clicking below.

hospital at risk of shutting down

The Good Shepherd Hospital - Institut Médical Chrétien du Kasai (IMCK) in Central Africa is challenged regularly with their location and access to electricity. The World Bank estimates indicate that only 16.4 percent of the Congolese population has access to electricity. Because of this, IMCK receives electricity 24/7 from its own hydroelectric plant that enables the hospital to provide a level of medical care not found anywhere else in Central Congo. This is good and bad, because without this plant working correctly, IMCK is not able to operate.

The dam has been flooded again, last time this happened was 2016, because of residual vegetation growing around the hydro-plant. The increase in rains do not help it either as the clumps are pulled from the ground and create more blockage.

It is easy to feel like our hands are tied in this and many other situations. But God continues to invite us to trust him as we come up against obstacles, whether it is political rioting or a flooded plant. We know we can not do this alone, and we are firm in the belief the church is key in the understanding of sustainability. Will you join us as we take the steps needed to keep our partners moving forward?

Reflection and Prayer

We are thankful that we can come together as Christians and share God's love through medical missions. Let's take some time to reflect on how immense God's love for us is, and how He asks to carry the heaviness in life. What we get to do fits us just right. 

We want to thank God for such an amazing turn out at the M3 Conference. He has shown us again that doors continue to open and all we are asked to do is walk through them. 

Please join us in prayer for: 

HSC: The staff are still treating patients regardless of the lack of funding or supplies. They have not closed the door on anyone. Pray that they are truly the beacon that God has called them to be for their city. 

IMCK: They need a solution for a cyclical issue. Pray that they would receive wisdom and discernment with next steps for their hydro-plant and strategy for the future of the hospital so that the doors can remain open and the communities served. 

FSIL: The very first nursing school in Haiti turned 14! We thank God for each and every person in that place. Blessings on FSIL and may she continue to shine. 

This Lenten season we are focused on the idea that we are able to give compassion because God is compassionate to us all. There is so much happening in the world today, it is easy to become overwhelmed. But we can not forget that God calls us to bring hope. We will be sending a special devotional out for seven weeks of Lent. If you would like to make sure you are on the list to receive the email, please send us a note to and we will take care of it.