Your Impact

April 2019

Africa Underwater

More than 600 people have been lost to the cyclone that hit Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe. The final figure is expected to be far higher when the flood waters recede, exposing the bodies of those not yet counted for. Homes, schools, businesses and hospitals have been destroyed or shut down because of the enormous damage left in the wake. 

Thankfully, our mission hospitals are open, unscathed and ready to meet the critical needs of the millions across the country—more than half of them women and children— as well as tackle the latent effects that will come with waterborne illnesses. There have already been confirmed cases of cholera.

Our partners need your help. When something of this magnitude occurs, resources can become scarce very quickly, and panic can ensue. A swift and well coordinated response is necessary to contain the disease and ensure that this will not become an epidemic. Help us equip the hands that will share the gospel, and bring hope through healing. 

DR CONGO Hit by Ebola

DRC is experiencing an ebola epidemic of historic proportions. The last time something of this magnitude hit was 2016, and the awareness of lives lost is promoting a quick response. Since August of last year there have been 1,000 people infected, many of these women and children. Global efforts are being made to administer a vaccine to stop the wide-spread contamination and prevent death.

Why does it keep coming back? In impoverished countries it is almost commonplace to hear of waterborne or airborne illness due to a lack of sanitary standards in the developing world. This is the main reason why it is so important to stand with our hospitals and clinics in DRC, as well as our other partner countries, as they work towards treatment and prevention. 

It is because of you, your prayers and gifts that these mission hospitals and clinics are a beacon in this kind of tense environment. 

GREAT news for LifeSavers
Clinic Network

We are so excited for what is happening with LifeSavers Clinic Network and the pilot program in Malawi. If you have not heard about it, click here to learn more. We are celebrating with Dzensa Nkhoma Clinic as our first graduates for Module 1 of the program. There are 11 more clinics working hard to become standardized and ready to better serve the community, taking quality healthcare to the next level. Additionally, there are 10 more clinics wanting to join the program, totaling at 22 clinics. We are in awe of what God is doing here and can't wait to see what the future holds for these clinics, and the most importantly, the people who will hear the gospel through their care. 

We want to thank you for this amazing accomplishment. It is people like you who moves the plans that God gives us into action through your support.

A Call to PRayer

At MBF we believe that prayer is a tool given to us so that we can draw closer to God as well as each other. We believe in the power that comes from believers united through praise and the compassion that brings an understanding of needs. So we invite you to join us for a monthly prayer call. 

The first Wednesday each month at 12: 30 CDT, we will be conferencing in for the purpose of praying for our partners, our leaders and the church. The conference call number to join is (605)-468-8036 and the access code is 150935. 

There will be testimony given and the ability to share requests. We are expecting big things to come from these prayers because we serve an amazing Father who loves us all. 

If there is a prayer request you would like to submit, please fill out the form. We will be praying for you weekly as a team. 

Hang tight while we prepare your form...