Nkhoma Hospital - MALAWI

Hospital beds – 260

Total Staff – 250

In Patient Admissions – 12,264

Outpatient Visits – 49,939

Maternity Deliveries – 3,320

Target Areas for Sustainable Impact

  • Reduction in rates of pediatric permanent blindness
  • Reduction in adult blindness
  • Improved management of chronic illnesses affecting adults as a result of modern living habits
  • Reduction in maternal mortality and infant mortality

Nkhoma Hospital is a large and vital regional institution providing a wide variety of medical services to its community. Working with an inpatient capacity of 260 beds, Nkhoma Hospital has five separate buildings for patient care including pediatrics, maternity, general medical, surgery, ophthalmology and a 24-bed TB unit. In addition, Nkhoma serves as a referral center for an extensive satellite system of smaller hospitals and clinics.

Malnutrition and food supply are primary concerns in this land locked, densely populated country. In the rural areas, over fifty percent of the children under five suffer from chronic malnutrition. Nearly sixty percent of all households do not have adequate food security. Children are usually referred to the Nutritional Rehab Center from the hospital and stay two to three weeks with their mothers. The mothers go home with new knowledge on balanced nutritional diets, food preparation, and seeds for gardens. They can return each week for food supplements.

The new Kangaroo Nursery and high risk nursery care for critically ill newborns. Many of the mothers of these tiny babies have extremely complicated pregnancies, and are even at risk of losing their own lives. They come long distances to get to the hospital – some by bicycle or oxcart. Most had given up hope that they could have a living child, but joyfully are able to hold their little ones in their arms.