Hospital beds – 60

Total Staff – 26

In Patient Admissions – 1,134

Outpatient Visits – 4,854

Maternity Deliveries – 336

Target Areas for Sustainable Impact

  • Reduction in maternal mortality and infant mortality
  • Increase community access to primary healthcare services including treatment of malaria

Located 220 km south of Kananga in the West Kasai Province, Moma Hospital is the only health institution of the Presbyterian Church of Congo in the Luiza health zone and the entire territory of Luiza.

Moma Mission Station was originally built in the 1930’s. When the Presbyterian Church took over the responsibility it worked with the Belgian government to build two small buildings in 1950 – a dispensary and a maternity ward with 12 beds. An old storage building and a laundry room were converted to hold 30 more beds. In the 1950’s Presbyterian mission workers obtained approval and funds for a new 42×100 ft. foot building, designed to accommodate an operating room, x-ray, pharmacy, sterilizing room and office space.. Today Moma Hospital has a 60-bed capacity.

Limited medical supplies and equipment, and a need for ongoing staff training in anesthesia and intensive care, health, medication management , finance and ophthalmology are a few of the challenges for Moma Hospital.

Moma Hospital has an active chaplaincy program that visits sick inpatients, holds morning worship each day in the waiting room, and organizes Sunday worship for patients.