Darbonne Maternal and child health clinic

  • Outpatient Visits: 20,000
  • Maternity Deliveries: 700
  • Well baby visits: 6,000
  • Family planning clinic visits: 3,600

Target areas for sustainable impact:

  • Reduce maternal and infant mortality through health education and deliveries attended by medical professionals at a safe inpatient clinic.
  • Reduce child mortality rates through well baby clinics and primary healthcare visits for infants and children under 5 years.
  • Increase both availability of services and demand for services by systematically reducing barriers that keep women from accessing and seeking care.
  • Improve the training of traditional birth attendants, increasing their ability to identify and refer at-risk women for inpatient deliveries.

The Darbonne Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Clinic is a comprehensive, holistic center for maternal health located in the Léogâne district in Southwestern Haiti; it is about a four hour drive west from Port-au-Prince.

To achieve its goals to significantly change the health of women and children in the Léogâne region, the Darbonne MCH Clinic provides:

  • Community Education to increase knowledge about life-saving maternal and child health interventions.
  • Community support groups for women that will increase the likelihood of overcoming cultural barriers to seeking MCH services.
  • Quality and compassionate medical care that includes:
  • Antenatal care
  • In-patient labor and delivery services staffed by a physician and nurse midwife
  • Immunization for both pregnant women and infants/children
  • Nutritional therapy for women and children who are malnourished or undernourished
  • Comprehensive pediatric care for infants and children
  • Family Planning Services