PCEA Chogoria Hospital

  • Hospital beds – 295
  • Total Staff – 481
  • In Patient Admissions – 6,968
  • Outpatient Visits – 155,483
  • Maternity Deliveries – 1,006

Target Areas for Sustainable Impact

  • Increase in community physicians serving the region through new residency program
  • Reduction in maternal mortality and infant mortality

Chogoria Hospital is a regional hospital center situated 140 miles northeast of Nairobi in the eastern foothills of Mount Kenya. Established in 1923 by a Scottish missionary, Chogoria Hospital is part of the ministry of the Presbyterian Church of East Africa. Over 45,000 people are served by the hospital and its surrounding clinics. At an altitude of 5,000 feet, the heavy seasonal rain and deep red soil combine to make tea and coffee important cash crops.

The extensive medical program at Chogoria offers both curative and preventive medicine, including dental and ophthalmic care. Malaria, pneumonia and gastritis are common causes of illness in the medical wards, and in the surgical wards female pelvic infection, miscarriages, trauma and gastric cancer predominate.

A network of more than 30 outlying community clinics is served by the Chogoria Hospital Community Health staff. These clinics have been developed with extensive local community involvement through “harambees” (fund drives) and local administering committees. Each clinic is directed by a community health nurse who supervises voluntary field educators and trained traditional birth attendants. In addition, the clinic staff provides AIDS education, curative and preventive care for all ages and serves as a referral system for the hospital.