A Call to Prayer

At MBF we believe in prayer. Now we have a way to pray together with our partners; for each other and the vision God has trusted us with for over 50 years. It is our monthly call to prayer, held the first Wednesday of the month at 12:30 CDT and we would love for you to join us. It is as easy as taking a few minutes during your lunch break to call in where you can listen or participate in the prayer. 


The phone number to conference in is: (605)468-8036 access code - 150935

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Monthly updates and testimonies


James Menephee, MBF Director of Marketing, kicked off Medical Missions Month by reinforcing what a blessing it is to be able to work together, collaborating with God whether we are to go, give or pray. It is about connecting with our partners for the kingdom.  

He referenced Romans 10:14-15 at the beginning of the prayer meeting and followed it up with testimonies of how the Word went forth and bore fruit. During a Saline Training - a program where medical staff are trained to share the Gospel- three of the staff members became believers. There was another instance where someone saw the scripture up on the wall in the Houston office -Phillipians 4:13- and came in because they needed prayer! He concluded by reminding us that regardless of what resources you have or how you give, whenever the Word goes forth, God uses us as we simply live out life for him. 

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Liza Ford, MBF Champions Program Manager, brought to light all the amazing things we get to see and hear happen through what God is doing in our mission hospitals and clinics. We are healing lives with critical services to women and children as we secure families futures' by establishing key hospital infrastructure. All of which serves the most vulnerable of the community.


She was moved by the fact that a pregnant woman in Haiti was willing to sell her own bed to receive the needed health care for her and her child, but thankfully she did not have to. Then she pointed to an upcoming surgical residency program in Malawi that will help individuals suffering from chronic health issues. This is for a country that has 35 surgeons to serve millions of people. These projects are only possible because of Jesus and because of you, who become his hands and feet through prayer and financial support to those who are in greatest need.

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Mark Harris, Director of Partner Engagement, Western U.S. led the prayer call with the focal point of the Bride of Christ and all the work she has been given and trusted with. He invited us to focus on the vehicle of hope that we are called to be as the Church, and how God uses us for those that do not know him. He reminded us that the reach we have together is great, as it spans not just the nation, but goes global to the mission churches and hospitals, the clinics and schools, and every person who shares the Gospel.

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MBF Vice President of Partner Engagement, Patrick Coughlin led us in our first corporate prayer call of the season. He set the tone by reminding us who we are, what we do and why we do it. 

He began telling a tragic tale about a young woman in Léogâne, Hati who went into early labor and abandoned her baby girl at the hospital. This tale of woe quickly turned into an amazing testimony because this baby was born in an MBF partner hospital where there were doctors, nurses, equipment and supplies to care for her at no cost. Even better, the social worker called someone she knew was looking for a baby boy to join their family. In what can only be described as divine leading, it was a perfect fit and a happy ending filled with stories of God's goodness. 

How could this not start us off with the understanding that we are making a difference in the lives that God brings us. We are building something with him and he is doing amazing things through MBF partners. 

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