We thank God for you and are happy to walk alongside you in this time. Please click the picture to the left to access the summary article that explains next steps. Blessings on you and your congregation.  

Step 1 - Fully Understand the State of Your Church
coming July 6th.

This is where you find the downloads for each of the steps to Re-Ignite Your Church Giving. Click the picture for the document and the link given in the description for the companion worksheet. 

  • STEP 1 - Fully Understand the state of your church

2020 Guide to Re-Igniting Congregational Giving  - Coming Resources                                                                                    

Step 1:  Fully Understand the State of Your Church                                                                   July 6

Step 2: Over-communicate Your Church’s Reality                                                                    July 14

Step 3:  Make the Tough Calls – Mitigate the Effects of Lost Revenue                                  July 21

Step 4:  Remove Obstacles to Giving                                                                                      July 28                                                                      

Step 5:  Identify and Inspire Your Members                                                                          August 4                                                                                                                           

Step 6:  Build Your Church’s Stewardship Depth Chart                                                       August 11


Step 7:  Draft Your Donor Engagement Strategy                                                                 August 18


Step 8:  Recruit and Equip Your Support Team                                                                   August 25


Step 9:  Make Your Case!                                                                                         September 1


Step 10: Celebrate!                                                                                                   September 8