We believe in one triune God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

We believe God is sovereign. He created all things and reigns over all things.

We believe God the Son came to us fully God and fully man in Jesus Christ who lived, died on a cross as a sacrifice for our sins, and was physically resurrected to save us from death and to allow us as faithful believers in Him to live eternally in God’s presence. Jesus Christ alone reigns as head of the church.

We believe God the Holy Spirit is present within us to instruct us, empower us, and seal us as God’s children.

We believe the Bible is the word of God to all humankind. It was inspired by the Holy Spirit and is the unique and authoritative guide to faith and practice.

We believe Baptism and Communion are both sacraments that were specifically instituted by Jesus Christ and symbolize God’s choice to love us. We cannot earn God’s love. Our salvation is dependent solely on God’s grace through His gift of faith in Christ, and is meant entirely for the glory of God. As believers in Jesus Christ, we are a community of people called to witness for Him in this world through our words and actions. 

Specifically, we believe that everyone who professes faith in Jesus Christ is called to work in evangelism, discipleship, and caring ministries as ambassadors for God, assisting His plan for reconciling and redeeming the world to Christ.