Houston Mayor Honored for Contribution to Global Medical Care

Mayor’s contributions recognized for helping make Houston a global leader in health/life sciences at

MBF’s Houston Heals Event. 


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Houston, TX

The Medical Benevolence Foundation (MBF), a global medical humanitarian organization honored Mayor Sylvester Turner in recognition of his contributions to helping the city of Houston, Texas to become a worldwide leader in health and life sciences. Mia Gradney, three-time-Emmy award-winning KHOU Anchor, was the mistress of ceremonies for this inaugural global medical missions event.

Attendees heard first-hand about the challenges of providing health care in the developing world and how Houston is seen as the global center for bringing healing to the world.

Mayor Sylvester Turner was recognized for his contributions over the years, first as a member of the Texas State House and then as mayor, to making Houston a global leader in health and life sciences. Accepting the recognition on the mayor’s behalf was David E. Persse, MD, FACEP, FAEMS, Physician Director for EMS, Medical Director for the fire department and Public Health Authority for the Department of Health, City of Houston.

MBF’s President and CEO, Andrew Mayo in an interview with Mia Gradney, addressed the changes impacting the future of international medical missions. Specifically, Mayo addressed what is taking place over the next ten years to create effective sustainable medical networks that will bring healing to developing countries that need it most. “What is taking shape is a new countrywide network approach that will build upon the legacy of mission hospitals and equip them to survive and maintain their mission going forward,” Mayo said. “This all comes back to where MBF started over 55 years ago - creating sustainable models.”

“MBF has built its years of success on partnership,” Patrick Coughlin said. “And partnerships are exactly what we intend to continue to build in the future.” Coughlin is MBF’s Vice President of Partner Engagement.


  • Dr. David Persse and team accepting the recognition for Mayor Turner at the Houston Heals Luncheon sponsored by MBF. 
  • Mia Gradney, KHOU Anchor, interviewing Andrew Mayo, MBF CEO, and Hilda Alcindor, Dean of MBF partner nursing school, FSIL, in Haiti at the Houston Heals Luncheon sponsored by MBF.
  • MBF President and CEO, Andrew Mayo introducing medical mission for the 21st century. 
  • Healing Changes Everything - a new document created through years of relationship in medical mission. 
  • Dr. David Persse and team attending Houston Heals, the inaugural medical missions awareness event for MBF.
  • A room full of people with a heart for medical missions. We are so thankful for all who attended and look with expectation towards the future. 

MBF is a global organization, partnering with prominent medical schools, businesses, churches and individuals, with the goal of making a sustainable, high impact in developing countries. The Houston Heals event was an opportunity to introduce more people in the Houston area who want to impact the world through global medical missions. Attendees included physicians, business leaders, political leaders, and churches.

MBF will be hosting events similar to Houston Heals in cities across the nation.

MBF REceives ninth "four-star charity" rating


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Houston, TX

MBF is happy to announce we have again received Charity Navigator’s top Four Star Charity rating. We understand that financial accountability and transparency are very important when you are deciding what charitable organizations you want to support. To that end, we work tirelessly to ensure we meet and exceed the best practices of our industry. That is why we are honored to receive the highest possible rating from industry watchdog, Charity Navigator.

Over 90 percent of every dollar raised by MBF goes directly to programming. The remaining covers our administrative and fundraising costs. MBF’s commitment to keeping our overhead low demonstrates our determination to efficiently deliver help and hope to people in need.

MBF’s profile on Charity Navigator can be found here.

Dr. Douglas Lungu named MBF Medical Director and Vice President of International Operations


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Houston, TX

We are very pleased and honored to announce that Dr. Douglas Lungu has joined MBF as the Medical Director and Vice President of International Operations. Dr. Lungu brings extensive clinical experience as a practicing surgeon and hospital Chief of Surgery in addition to extensive experience in hospital administration, public health and medical research.

Prior to joining MBF, Dr. Lungu was Hospital Director and Vice Chancellor of Daeyang Luke Hospital and Daeyang University in Lilongwe Malawi. He also previously served as Chief Surgical Specialist and Head of Clinical Services at the Mzuzu Central Hospital, Malawi Ministry of Health. He has also served with the Malawi Ministry of Health as Director of Clinical Services and a number of other positions in research and health systems consulting.

“The future of medical missions in Africa as well as other areas of the world is at a critical point in history. Medical technology and treatments for diseases are changing worldwide at a pace never before imagined yet mission hospitals are falling behind.” according to Andrew Mayo, MBF CEO. “We believe that Dr. Lungu will be instrumental leader in working with medical ministries across Africa to help develop nationwide networks of church-owned hospitals, medical clinics and nursing schools that will change medical care for millions of people.”  Dr. Lungu commented, “Never before has there been the opportunity for the medical ministry of the church to impact the lives of so many people. Yet the critical infrastructure, human resources, funding and systems to serve people lags far behind. I am honored that God has called me to a ministry with such great potential.”

Dr. Lungu completed his Bachelor of Science at Medical Science University of St. Andrews, Scotland, his Doctor of Medicine at the University of Malawi and his General Surgery Residency at University of Cape Town, South Africa. 

Dr. Lungu will be based in Malawi and work with international medical partners throughout Africa. He can be reached at dlungu@mbf.net