We’re glad you’re here because having clearly-defined medical mission strategic goals is extremely important to all of us. And we love to talk about this because it highlights how faithful God has been to us over our 55 years.

Christian witness

Our desire is that everyone served by an MBF partner has the opportunity to learn about Jesus and discover how to develop a lifelong relationship with God. This good news is modeled and shared in culturally sensitive ways — never through coercion. We also desire that we model the good news as our partners pray for us and as we pray for them and seek opportunities for partners to encourage us in our hospitals, universities, churches, families, and marriages here in the US.

excellence in medical care

MBF strives for medical excellence by promoting medical missions care through the physical presence of partner co-workers, education, disease prevention, and curative care, for those in impoverished communities suffering from acute and chronic illness. MBF seeks to bring up-to-date, evidence-based health care practices and technology as we support the appropriate, affordable, sustainable and quality services of our partners.


The Church is God’s chosen instrument to bring hope to the poor and oppressed. MBF works to partner with the local church in developing nations and the domestic US church to build sustainable medical care ministries. We believe the local church is uniquely qualified to assess the real needs of the community and to reach their neighbors in need of care. We desire to see all MBF relationships directed toward enhancing and building the ministry of the local church. This is the source of long-term stability and MBF’s partnership role changes as the local church and medical missions models evolve.


MBF will pursue projects that empower our partners to meet their health care needs and improve wellness in their community, with emphasis on:

training local administrative and healthcare personnel,

and the creation of a replicable, culturally sustainable model that allows for future growth and modification.


The Bible repeatedly emphasizes the mandate that God’s servants must be wise stewards of the resources God provides. We acknowledge implicitly and explicitly that every resource God provides actually belongs to God; our job is to be faithful managers. MBF seeks to model the highest standards of stewardship behavior through regular and consistent reporting. We will assist every international partner to develop ongoing management plans, establish and monitor performance metrics and provide appropriate reporting.

Building Competence BY enhancing skills

MBF believes that training local health workers develops sustainable local capacity and strengthens critical health systems in any country. We desire to see that a major focus of MBF in every country where it works includes the training of healthcare workers. We believe that we are most effective when working with international healthcare partners to build local healthcare capacity.