Amazing News!

Because of your support, the new LifeSavers Clinic Network in Malawi has now to been asked to expand to 22 clinics! This successful initiative provides medical, administrative and spiritual training to help its community to become healthier and overcome the poverty cycle due to a lack of sustainable health resources.

The pilot program that began last May, utilizes a standardized system to transform the quality of medical care and the financial sustainability of rural, church-owned medical clinics. 

LifeSavers Clinics must demonstrate and maintain clinical and administrative competence in order to be eligible for support and continued participation.

Through the LifeSavers Clinic Network more women and children's lives are being saved with preventative care. The Gospel is being shared in remote areas of Malawi with people that could easily be forgotten by society. The churches are seeing the difference this is making.  We are changing lives, bringing hope and now is the time to join us in this exciting endeavor to make a major impact. 

We can not do this without prayer and partnership. Why else would this initiative increase by 83% in a short seven month time span? It is exceeding all expectations. 

Exciting news about m3!

We just confirmed that Danta Bien-Aime will also be representing MBF at the M3 Conference. Danta's full title is BSN, RN and Fulbright Scholar. She graduated from one of our partner nursing schools, Faculty of Nursing Science of the Episcopal University of Haiti, and has led the charge against cervical cancer in Gonaives, a city in northern Haiti. 

We are excited to hear what she has to share, and there is still time for you to save your spot! 

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Haiti Consultation Trip a Success!

co/writing credit to Adam Gully, Project Manager

While many NGOs exist in Haiti and are more than willing to donate supplies and do things "for" the people of Haiti, the outcome has been extremely damaging and debilitating to the long-term health of the country, particularly in the healthcare field. 

MBF partner Hôpital Saint Croix (HSC) has experienced the sheer volume of this well intended giving, but in the end it led to needing to develop a strategy to "clean up" the excess and move forward towards best practice for the community.  

In the Fall of last year, a team of nurses and doctors from around the states assembled for the purpose of long-term mentor-ship with HSC, in order to put in place a regionally recognized Women & Children’s Center that delivers international standards of care. Their desire— to give our Haiti partners the resources and mentoring they need to make systemic changes themselves that will lay the foundation for a stronger and self-sustainable hospital.

Plans have been underway since the team’s inception and on January 16th of this year, they departed for their first trip to Haiti to visit the hospital and its leadership team. While at the hospital, the U.S. team’s purpose was to get to know the nurse and physician supervisors at HSC, find out what they want to change at their hospital, and then observe ,alongside HSC staff, the clinical processes that are currently in place in the area of OB/GYN and Pediatrics. The trip was a success, as you can see in the photo gallery, and now the joint U.S./Haitian team are moving forward together towards HSC’s goals of improved processes and patient outcomes. 

It is this kind of teamwork that makes your ministry with MBF work. We are taking ground, not from our international partners, but with them as they work towards the goals set for their community's needs. Thank you for helping us to clear the path so they can serve their patients with quality care. Thank you for sharing the Gospel with every gift given. There is still much work to do. 

Pray with us

We are thankful that we can come together as Christians and share God's love through medical missions. Let's pray that God continues to open doors and bless the work of MBF. There is so much happening and we want to continue to use discernment and hear him correctly as doors open to us.

What has God placed on your heart? Are you a part of or being led into ministry? If you have a prayer request, we would love to lift up your petitions as a team. Please email us at and let us know how we can pray for you.

Please pray for: 

  • We are so thankful the team made the trip to Haiti safely and did what they set out to do. It is one giant leap for HSC and MBF as the steps to create improved sustainability continue. Pray that the unified Haiti/ U.S. team experiences no communication barriers. Pray for collaborative and strategic thinking as challenging questions need to be asked to create more goals. Pray for follow up meetings that may happen over Skype or in smaller groups, that nothing gets lost whether that is notes or ideas. 
  • Pray for the LifeSavers Clinic Network to continue its good work as new clinics are being considered for the pilot program. Pray that those in charge are able to look intentionally at the big picture with a servant heart. 
  • Pray for the M3 Conference to be held Feb. 22-23, at Lakewood Church in Houston, TX. MBF will be representing and there are travel plans involved. Please pray that God will prepare the hearts and minds of all who attend. Pray for safe travels for Dr. Nandili MPH, BSc, RN and Danta Bien-Aime BSN,RN and Fulbright Scholar, as they make their way to the conference from Kenya and Haiti respectively.